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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Whether you’re rolling over a 401k, transferring an Individual Retirement Account, or contributing to a traditional or Roth IRA, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)1

  • Open your IRA with $100- or just $1 with an automatic payroll deduction - and be on your way to saving
  • Consult your tax advisor to determine eligibility to receive tax advantages with rollover, transfer, or contributory IRA accounts

Roth IRAs

  • Contribute earnings on which you’ve already paid tax – like your paycheck
  • Unlike traditional IRAs, qualified Roth IRA distributions grow tax-free, not tax deferred. Contributions can always be withdrawn tax-free
  • As the value of your IRA grows over time, qualified earnings are tax-exempt

Today's Rates 

Roth IRA
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Traditional IRAs

Roth IRAs

Annual investment maximum up to age 50



Annual investment maximum after age 50



Contributions from other qualified retirement accounts



Contributions from working spouse to account of non-working spouse




Penalty-free after age 59 1/2 Tax-free after age 59 1/2 as long as funds have been in account for 5 years

Mandatory withdrawals*

Required minimum distribution at age 72


IRA contributions after age 72

Allowed as long as you (or your spouse if filing jointly) earn taxable income Allowed as long as you (or your spouse if filing jointly) meets earned income requirements

Insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency



*If you turned 70 1/2 on or after 1/1/20, the new required minimum distribution age is 72.

Let's Connect

Our knowledgeable Member Contact Center team will answer your questions – big or small. If you need a specialist, they’ll put you in touch with one right away. Our goal is your goal: get you answers fast!

800.854.9846 Monday to Friday: 5am - 6pm Pacific, Saturday: 6am - 3pm Pacific
Or, stop by a branch and speak to us in person. (Except Federal Holidays.)

Membership requirements apply. Refer to the Agreements & Disclosure booklet for terms and conditions applicable to specific accounts. 

APY = Annual Percentage Yield is variable and subject to change. This is Kinecta’s most recent published rate.  

1Available IRA Account Types: 

IRA Contributory and Roth Accounts. $1 minimum opening balance required. Dividends are paid quarterly. 

IRA Money Market Account. $2,500 minimum opening balance required. Dividends accrued daily and paid monthly. 

IRA Traditional and Roth Share Certificates. $100 minimum opening balance required. No additional deposits accepted during certificate term. Dividends paid monthly and at maturity. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal of certificate funds. Fees and other conditions may reduce earnings.